I am currently out of the UK at the moment. Making friends with lots of people here in the Philipinnes.

Will be visiting an Apiary on Tuesday not far from Manila. But have already had contact with honeybees in Maasin, Southern Leyte. 

In fact the girls came to me, sitting around a table chatting and eating, out of six people there, this honeybee chose to come and investigate my hand. Now I had been in the Philipinnes for over two weeks and had not had any honey since arriving. So any residue of honey in my body must have gone by now. So why was this girl so interested in me?

Anyway I opened a jar of my own honey that I had brought as a gift and put a small amount on the back of my wrist, with the immediate effect of the girl finding it very quickly. We all watched and I took the following photos, this particular honeybee visited me several times, with a delay between each visit of about 4 minutes. Then two came so the message had been delivered that there was free easy to get food.

So I then washed my hands to remove the honey, During this time everyone was amused at what I was doing, I was informed that they usually wave them away as they know they can sting but they were I think surprised that I let them walk all over my hands and arm without any problems. 

The interest was still there even though they could not find any more honey. But interestingly they did not attempt to vist anyone else that was there, very strange.

But I enjoyed the interest, without being stung of course.

Bees in story are Apis Cerana.

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